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Acoosta Uno Bluetooth Speaker With Built-in Music and Karaoke Review 2019

Acoosta Uno Bluetooth Speaker

Acoosta Uno Bluetooth Speaker


• Acoosta Uno about Rs. Available online at 9,000

• You get more than 14,000 audio tracks preloaded

• The device also has an LCD screen for convenient browsing.

Most wireless and portable speakers require a source device to provide 'content', so to speak It's usually easy to connect a smartphone to a speaker on Bluetooth, and using music you've saved on the phone or just using one of the many free or paid services.

There are also other methods, but most speakers require external source devices in one form or another. But now, there is a way to overcome this, thanks to a new breed of portable speakers, in which the music is already loaded.

Today, we are reviewing Acoosta Uno, a speaker who claims a collection of over 14,000 tracks that are ready to run directly from the speaker.

There are other connectivity options, so it is not limited to only being stored on the device. This is a similar concept for Saregama Caravan and the newly launched Saregama Karwan Gold, but with a wider collection of tracks in different styles to listen. You need to know about Acoosta Uno.

Acoosta Uno Design and Specifications:-

While the wireless speakers are generally small and portable in this price range, the Acoosta Uno segment takes a different approach. It's a bigger speaker designed to be used primarily at home, though you have the option to carry it with you anywhere.

It is not very big, and you can easily take Acoosta Uno with one hand and take it for all your plastic body.
Despite this, Acoosta Uno looks good and feels quite solid. Two primary speaker drivers are firing forward, and the back side has a pair of bass ports for low-end. Uno is claimed to have output of 2000W PMPO.

The concept of PMPO is a bit misleading in itself, and will be very little in actual production behavior. However, this is an effective number for the bid, and there is a lot of loudness in the speaker behavior, which is available in lesser than other speakers. 10,000

Between speaker drivers there is a monochrome LCD screen that helps you navigate the basic interface of the speaker to select the source or browse through playlists and audio tracks. Given the functionality of the speaker and the need to browse through many tracks and playlists, this screen is very useful.

At the top of the device there are large-scale dial-cum-buttons controls for volume and navigation. There are also buttons for controlling the two connected karaoke microphones (which can be purchased separately for each Rs 999), the button to select the source quickly, and of course, a large power button.

We were sent a microphone for testing, and it worked well with Acosta Uno. The ability to add two karaoke microphones adds a social touch to the product. In addition, the audio from the microphone did not exceed music with Yuno during our time.

Behind Acoosta Uno, there is a FM antenna, two karaoke microphones, a 3.5 mm oscillary input, a USB drive (Uno also lets you record tracks on connected USB drives) and port and socket for charging a micro-USB port. The sales package includes an FM antenna, a 3.5mm cable, a remote, a wall adapter and a USB cable to charge. Remote is a convenient size and has all the buttons and controls that you need to navigate around Acoosta Uno.
There are connectivity options on Acoosta Uno such as you would expect Bluetooth, a supporting socket for wired connections, FM radio and a tuner for FM radio.
Apart from these, Acoosta Uno has a large library of 14,000 preloaded audio tracks which can be played without the need for an internet connection or any source device. It's a speaker stand-out feature, and will appeal to a lot of users looking for a simple listening experience or hoping for songs (old) and new search.

Acosta Uno has 14,000 tracks licensed from Sony Digital Audio Disk Corporation (DADC). You get it at Saregama Caravan Gold, but in the case of styles and languages ​​there is a lot of variety.

There is a large list of English music with current and classic Bollywood tracks, devotional music, nursery sings for children, and more. Music has been categorized into over 200 playlists, which provide easy access to specific styles and music from specific decades. You can also search different tracks using the search function, but writing a search term with a remote or control is not easy on the speaker itself.

The huge collection includes all age groups and interests, and you can find music for all from one child to grandparents. Acoosta Uno has songs from artists such as Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, David Guetta, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Shakira to Lata Mangeshkar, RD Burman, AR Rahman, Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi.

Chauhan, Ariji Singh, Badshah, Jagjit Singh and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Many of the tracks we ran were a bit dated, so you do not expect to find any of the hits that you've recently heard on the radio or online. However, you have Bluetooth connectivity for this. Preloaded music works for pure nostalgia and being able to hit play and let the speaker handle things from there.

Acoosta Uno display and battery life:-

Acoosta Uno has many features that make it an impressive product, but the most important test is audio quality. We used the speaker with Bluetooth as well as in-built audio tracks with the use of Android smartphones. We also tested the performance of FM radio tuners, as well as 3.5mm input for assistive connectivity.

For home use, Ekosta Uno looks decent and can fill a room. It is adequately satisfactory even well outside. Two primary drivers allow for loud voices, while the bass ports add a little punch. The mid-range becomes slightly depressed, whereas the higher and higher place is where the actual drive can be heard. The sound is not fantastic, but about Rs. 9,000 It is acceptable and is in line with the most popular styles.

Starting with Bluetooth connectivity, we heard Floating Points by Nits Sonors.
Although this progressive house track had occasional moments of excessive bass, which favored the low end, Acoosta Uno did a good job with gradual buildup and excitement. With the most popular musical genres that rely on fast-tempo tempo and a strong low-end, you will be pleased with the sound.
With paper romance by Groove Armada, we found that the earlier mentioned mid-range had influenced the breeding of vocals to a degree.

 Although the ups and downs were still capable, the sound was not as clear. This was also the case with other vocal-friendly tracks; Acoosta Uno is not as clear, capable, or clean with generator tracks.

Moving forward to music, moving forward only to Ekosta Uno, we heard many types of tracks in styles and languages.
While browsing through the language of Hindi language, we got some interesting tracks along the way, which brought back some memories, including Babuji with the classics in the rock section from The Babu and Led Zeppelin, and let's sing a melody.

Acoosta Uno seems to have been prepared to give the best sound with Bollywood music, and the above two Bollywood tracks look particularly good. The quality of the recording on the speaker is also excellent. However, if you are sitting outside the sweet spot of the device, then the sound gives a little trick.

After listening to various types of audio track in different genres, we came to the conclusion that sound is better when using preloaded audio tracks, purely it removes any signal loss on Bluetooth. Apart from this, these are high-quality recordings that help the sound a lot. Works such as FM radio and wired connectivity also worked well, although the ante requires antenna to get the best signal. A cable-style antenna is included in the sales package, as there is a stereo 3.5mm oaks cable.

Although Acoosta Uno is designed to be used on a large scale at home, yet it has been added as a built-in battery that lets you use it wirelessly if you need it. Many drivers and small performances mean that the battery will not last long with other similar size products; We managed to get around five hours of playback on a full charge with mixed use.

Speaker charging takes only slightly more than three hours with the included adapter and cable, which is sufficiently acceptable. Acoosta Uno's display tells what the battery level is, but it was largely wrong in our experience.

In an example, the speaker also operates due to a dry battery, while the indicator shows that a third charge appears. You can also charge other devices by using a battery on Acoosta Uno through your USB port.


Ekosta Uno was a surprise to us; We did not expect this to be good. While our initial impressions were that it could be a karaoke-centric product, we had stayed with it a good feeling after our time.

 Sound quality is not the best in speakers with less than Rs. 10,000, but more than AcoostaUno makes for that with its emphasis, enthusiasm, and nostalgic-inspired music catalogs. It is also worth noting that although the Acoosta Uno MRP of Rs. 14,000, this is usually around Rs. Can be found online for. 9,000

Although Saregama Caravan Gold is very similar in many ways and taste for Hindi classics is also a good option for anyone, Acosta Uno does more, offers a more universal list, and is loud. Acoosta Uno Therefore, it is definitely worth considering for someone to shop for your home speaker, especially if you are looking for an easy way to use music for all your family members.

Price: Rs. 8,999

The professionals

• Huge catalog of good music produced

• too loud

• Good performance with some styles

• Multiple connectivity options

• Ready for Karaoke


• Suppressed mid-range

• Average battery life

Rating (of 5)

• Design: 4

• Audio Quality: 3.5

• Battery Life: 3

• Value for money: 3.5

• Overall: 3.5
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