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Amazfit Verge Review 2019

Amazfit Verge

Amazfit Verge


• There is an AMOLED display without AMOLED

• Compatible with iOS and Android

• SmartWacht Price of Rs. 11,999 in India

A Amazfit Verge is a fitness-based clock from Xiaomi-backed Wear organization. It's Slots in Amaze Peace and Amazing Stats Fitness Clocks Amazon price worth Rs. 11,999 can track different types of workouts and even allow you to make and answer (only on Android).

We originally used this smartwatch with an iPhone but this Android feature has been tested using an Android phone to find out whether this product is worth its asking price.

Amazfit verified quality and design construction:-

A lot of lighter than 46g A Amazfit Verge, Stratos (about 60g) It may seem a small difference, but it's a big deal for something you wear everyday. A Amazfit Verge has a plastic body, a round dial and only a plastic button on the top right. It almost feels like a toy watch, which is not good for a product that costs this much. The button behaves like the home button of iOS, which lets you exit an application and return to the clock face.

There is a microphone on the same side and speaker on the same side as the home button. The clock base has contact for heart rate sensor and charging. A Amazfit Verge still uses another copyright charging cradle with a faulty design. Smartwatch naturally bounces in it, but you can easily push it around.

Ideally, the charging cradle should have both pin and pin above and below, or it should only be appropriate in one way. You can not access the button when the clock is in its padl.

Another thing is that the bird's wires can not be isolated. We liked the detachable micro-USB cable that ships with Amaze Pees. It is still a mystery why the wearables companies arrest new types of charging with each product.

The best part of Amazfit Verge is its exhibition. It's round, like stratos and pace, but better.

A Amazfit Verge has an AMOLED display, meaning the colors are bright and the text is crisp. The display is very obvious under sunlight. We think it is best to display an Amazon watch and it makes a big difference when you are tracking an outdoors site and will have to check the key stats quickly.

With that said, no face on Amazon's odd seams really appeals to us. In our opinion, many of them try to look very like mechanical or digital watches, or use small fonts to crack too much information in a very small space. We need watch faces to make better use of this display on this device.

Amazing software:-

Humayun owned Amazon OS can be made based on Android but it is not near at all to be smartwatch OS properly. As you have the ability to install your own workout apps in Azamfact Circle, you do not get basic features and you will not even be able to sync
The clock does a good job of showing you notifications, but you can not do anything with them. You can not reply to messages using Amazon's Wage, or even send instant voice messages, can not contact other applications to receive calendar invitations.

The "applications" on the Amazon Wage is quite basic - there is a stopwatch, timer, heart rate rate readout, etc. Perform basic functions of clock.
The Amazon Wage is compatible with Android and iOS using the AmazonFit app on these platforms. The app did not change much because of the design, because we reviewed Amaze Straits, but it has some nifty new strategies.
 This means that you can ask Amazon Wage to alert you when you have exceeded the thresholds for time or distance. For example, Amazon Wage lets you spray 4 800 meters at the speed of four minutes and 30 seconds. This feature is very useful for experienced runners.

A Amazfit Verge supports phone calls (on Android) and notifications. You need to have your phone with you to make a phone call, but it's still a good feature. You can make and receive calls using Amazon Wage and speak to people using the built-in microphone and speaker.

One major problem with the Amazon operating system is that it can only manage one task at a time. If you are recording a workout, there is no way to open your other applications.

Let's get you logged into Jim and you want to set the timer for a 1-minute span, there is no way to do this without finishing it. This is a frustrating limitation which we ran several times.

Another lack lacks a suitable gym mode to track your strength training. You can track certain activities, such as partial training and indoor cycling, but there is no way to track multiple exercises (high intensity interval training or weight training) in a single workplace.

Wonderful performance performance:-

We were running a few standard tests to see if the Amazon Wage could accurately measure the distance. The first is a track-tracking test of our criteria, where we walked 1,000 steps while counting.

We take these tests four times, and amaze the measuring up briefly. On average, we went on to record just 950 steps per 1,000. At the bottom of this, we have spent most of the trackers, which are almost Rupees Distributed 100 percent accuracy of step tracking 2,000

Our ideal distance tracking test includes a 1 kilometer walk along a route passed under a flyover, which continues to mislead the GPS tracking device.

 We measured the distance using a car oodometer to verify it at 1km. Then we went down the same road when wearing the crown of azajit. This distance records as 1.1km wearable, which is nearly 10 percent off, and not too bad. The most accurate GPS device we tested has recorded this distance as 1.02km or 1.03km, which shows that the rows of the amazetts are not too far.

Unfortunately we have seen that Amazon Wage is a bit slow to look at a GPS signal. We tested it in multiple places in Mumbai and found that it took every two to four minutes each time.

It may be frustrating, but we noticed that once the clock caught a signal in a particular place, later we went there after almost latched immediately.

The rating of the amaztif IP is 68, but no swim proof. We dunked it in a bucket of water and wears the watch when the shower. In both cases, it continued to work as expected.

The heart rate sensor on the AZGATE wizard was correctly corrected in most cases using the text of Apple Watch series 2 for reference. We test this by logging multiple walks and runs.

The Absolute Heart Rate app does not automatically begin recording your heart rate. To check your heart rate, "Check Now" image is a bit annoying. Thankfully, continuous heart rate tracking is enabled in all the workout modes.
It has automatic workout detection, and once we were able to walk in the office instant, we got the work of walking. A helpful prompt lets you start logging activity with one tap, which is an excellent feature.
Amazing seeker battery life is quite good.
The average length of the watch is about 4 days medium use (daily a GPS workout and all notifications are enabled).


A Amazfit Verge offers a really nice display, enhanced workouts, acceptable GPS accuracy, and some perfect software tweaks for better battery life. Unfortunately, the list of problems we face is a bit more. We were not very happy with the ability to sync our tactics with error-tracking, lack of good watch faces, third-party services, easy-to-use chargers and a lack of basic multitasking.

Rs. 11,999, Amazon Wage is suitable for people looking for affordable display with the best display, but not too demanding for performance. This device may be a better alternative to this alternative point in the market but it is not particularly high at first place.


Sharp display

• Better battery life

• Customized workouts

• Satisfactory GPS accuracy


• Multitasking pays

• Ownership Chargers

• Bad adjusting with other fitness services

• Need good watch face

• Wrong move tracker

Overall rating

• Design and comfort: 3

• Tracking accuracy: 3

• Software and Ecosystem: 3

• Battery life: 3.5

• Overall: 3

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