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Boat Bassheads 225 Review 2019

Boat Bassheads 225

Boat Bassheads 225


• Bottle bus head is worth 225 rupees. 599

• The grass is overpowering on high volume

If you are looking for a affordable pair of Yerpone, it's likely that you came across the boat busheards 225.
This earphones cost Rs. 599 and Today Amazon's website is labeled as Amazon Choice. Bashheed 225 has gained popularity in this segment at low prices.

But can you get the best at this price? Or has recently been really well-established? To find out we can put boat beta 225 through our test.

Boat Bassheads 225 design and specifications:-

Boat betaHeads look like headphones in 225 regular pairs. This is a 1.2 meter flat cable which is claimed by the company as Tangail.
There is an in-line remote microphone and a button. The drivers chambers of these earphones are made from metal, which is a surprise considering low prices. There is a knurled pattern on them for their good consistency, and they get cold in an air-conditioned room.

Boat is available in 225 black, blue, forest green, frosty white, neon lemm and red which allows users to choose from many options. We had red version for review, which has a red wire and red highlight on the driver chambers.

With the help of these earphones, the boat strongly supports ear tips, a clip and ear pair pair of ear. We think that some hooks are very good additions at this price and when using these earphones, people will be able to plan to work. We tried using the ear hook and found them comfortable.

Y-Splitter has a metallic cover on the wire, which seems purely for aesthetic. Gold-plated 3.5mm headphone jack is an L-shaped plug that does not take much of it when plugged into a device.

The boat is preferred for 10 mm audio drivers, which has a frequency range of 20Hz - 20KHz. These earphones have the resistance of 16 AHFs and do not require much power to run them.

Boat Bassheads 225 performance:-

The Bottle Basshed 225 box comes with 'Extrabo Bash', so we had a fair idea of ​​how to make these earphones. To test this pair, we heard a few test tracks using a MacBook Air, Google Pixel 3 ₹ 68,999 (using Type-C to 3.5mm headphones using Jack Dongle) and iPhone SEO 16999 (reviews).

We've used medium-sized ear tips that make us feel better and make good sound isolation. The audio quality was significantly different with each of the source devices we used.

While listening to audio tracks using Google Pixel 3 (review), it was clear that these earphones produce so many stems that it overpowers mids and highs. In MacBook Air and iPhone SEO, drugs and highs were relatively good and the lightning was not very powerful.

This earphones can really get loud, and those who do not complain like listening to music at higher volume. However we noticed that in high volumes, regardless of the device we have used, lightning mids and highs powered entirely. This pair of earphones is targeted at bassheds and is suitable for EDM and hip-hop generators.

We used this earphone while watching YouTube videos on the MacBook Air. Mids have been suppressed, we were crank up the volume. It is fine to watch small videos with these earphones, but some exhaustion can be caused by a high quality movie. We hear the sound of some calls on the Y spliters but not the bottom, which is a good thing considering the value of these earphones.

As the boat has a headphone212 microphone, we used it to make some calls. We easily heard the caller, but we thought the microphone was very sensitive, which was annoying with our clothes. Our callers could hear this disturbance as well and it was found very annoying.


Boatheads makes an affordable pair of 225 earphones and makes it accessible to a wider audience at comparatively lower prices. It has been marketed to be designed and market-heavy and we claim it to be true.

These earphones also get very loud but only the specific set of buyers will appeal. If you enjoy a left-hand music in your music, then these earphones are good for their order price. If you like neutral or bright words, it's not for you.

Price: Rs. 599


• Excellent build quality

• Bundled earhooks

• Get louder



• Audible microphone

• Lightning mids and high power overpowers

Rating (5 out)

• Design / comfort: 4

• Audio quality: 2.5

• Value of money: 3.5

Overall: 3.5

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