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HyperX Savage Exo Portable SSD Review 2019

HyperX Savage Exo Portable SSD

HyperX Savage Exo Portable SSD


Hyperx Savage Xo is aimed at portable SSD gamers

• It is a bit heavy and looks quite plain, but only light at 56g

• Performance is good but prices are high and availability is limited

Portable SSDs may not have the ability of hard drives and the cost may be many times higher, but the number of companies that jump in this position indicates that there is a market for them. 

If you are used to display SSD in your laptop or desktop PC, then it is likely that you can be tempted to buy an outside. Kingston, or more specifically its HyperX gaming division, is betting that gamers will especially appreciate the benefits of SSD on a spinning hard drive - and it does not hurt that this demographic typically costs a lot of money on hardware Does it

In particular, nyHyperX Savage Exo is promoted as compatible with Microsoft Xbox and So PlayStation hardware ecosystem, but it's really just a matter of marketing and position, because both the console work well with standard internal and USB SSDs We do. Savage Exo is absolutely functional when used with any kind of PC.

Let's take a look at what HyperX has brought in the market to know whether it is your best choice for general purpose use and console gaming.

HyperX Savage Exo Design:-

These days most portable SSDs are diagonally, thanks to standardization of M2 module form factor (Stubby Samsung SSD T5 is a notable exception). Seeing how some gaming products can be over-the-top, HyperX has kept the design of Savage Xo's housing rather condemned.
It is all black and brown with plastic with some angled surfaces and bevelled edges.

It's surprisingly heavy - too much compared to the WD My Passport SSD and even as a G-Technology G-Drive Mobile SSD R-Series (but not as wide or thick). It is not ideal if you want to keep it in pocket, but weighing 56 grams will not be noticeable at all in one bag.

Looks to match today's consoles so that you can plug it in without any major inconvenience. Just behind the USB Type-C port is a small white activity on the back side, so that it does not get too much distraction. Overall, the design of Savage Axo is more about basic utility than expressing any type of style or rudeness, as we have seen from other similar products.

You get two cables in the oversized box - Type-C to Type-C and Type-C to Type-A. Both are approximately one foot long, plugs included. Only other things in the box are a warranty sheet and a hyperx sticker.
 Talk to the box, the Kingston logo has not been seen anywhere except the sticker on the drive, which is visible through a small cutout. Regardless of the overlap with Kingston in terms of product lines, HyperX is being promoted as a completely independent brand.

Features and specifications of HyperX Savage:-

HyperX Savage Exo has been advertised as USB 3.0 Gen 2 Drive, which means that it should support the transfer speed of up to 10Gbps. However, the SATA protocol, which is SSD based on itself, is lesser than that.

 HyperXadvertises maximum read and write speed of 500 Mbps and 480 Mbps, respectively, which is near the upper limit of SATA SSD.

It should not be surprising that the SSD manufacturer is recognized by Kingston as software.

The company says that 3D TLC NAND has been used in this, which is now quite standard in the entire industry, but no specificity has been provided beyond this.

The only other explanation for working with us is a promise that the console games installed on the SSD can load up to 20 percent faster than they can with a built-in hard drive.

HyperX Savage Exo is available in 480GB and 960GB capacities options, which keep in mind that the target market is people with large game libraries. With most external SSD, the specifics of endurance in the context of the drive per day (DWPD) or terabytes (TBW) have not been published. There is no support for encryption. Warranty is three years.

HyperX Savage Exo Display

We have tested the HyperXSystem Exo Portable SSD, our AMD resin 7 2700 x CPP, Gigabyte X-470 Gaming 7 WiFi motherboard, 2x8 GB G. Skit DDR 4 RAM, 1 TB Samsung SSD 860 Yo Boot Drive, an XFX Radeon R9 380X Graphics Card, and a Corsair RM650 Power Supply.

 All the drivers were up to date and we are using the latest version of Windows 10. Do not forget to use the USB 3.1 Zen 2 port on our testing system.

Our 480 gig review unit reports 447.13 GB total format power. Starting with Crystal Diskmark, we can read and write at 524.6 Mbps and 306.4 Mbps speed respectively - when the reading speed exceeds the specification of the little 500 Mbps Hydrex, the speed of writing is somewhat less than the 480 Mbps demand.

Of course for real use, random reading and writing speed is more relevant than serial numbers.

HyperX Savage Exo reads randomly 174 Mbps and 103.9 Mbps randomly, and the Crystal Diskmark test is conducted using 8 row depth respectively.

We also drive this drive through the Anvil Benchmark, which creates collective reading and writing scores. We got 1,652.29 and 871.26 points respectively for the overall tile of 2,523.55 points.
G-Tech G-Drive Mobile SSD R-Series Drive That We Recently tested, at the speed of writing overall, especially at the speed of writing, but this is a very premium product. Samsung SSD T5 also crossed HyperX Savage Exxo, and it is very valuable.

Kingston provides a utility named SSD Manager which is free to download. If you do not already know it, you will be free from luck because it is not referred to in any place or retail package. The software is designed very badly and did not properly scale from our high-DPI 4K monitor in Windows 10. According to the functionality, it adds the need to remove the drive with a wear level meter and update its firmware. , And detailed diagnostic reports.


Seagate sells a line of hard drives and SSDs that it has shared with Microsoft's Exxon brand, which includes the Xbox game pass bundles, all of which are designed for 'Xbox' badges and Xbox logos.

There is also a model that matches PlayStation 4. WD markets hard drives for Xbox and PlayStation, although its website explicitly mentions that Microsoft or Sony is not authorized or approved for any product.

HyperX, Suez Exo only makes a portable SSD call that is compatible with both console and it leaves it. For example, it is not really defined as a "gaming SSD" other than creative marketing, and it is less or consistent with Exx and PlayStation Console than an external SSD or hard drive.

If you would like to use it and install it in games, you can reduce the amount of lag in advanced loading bars and textures such as popping and things that are being saved in your game.

You can carry your library with you in the console at different places. Some people prefer to modify their consoles with internal SSDs and this will have a positive impact on low cost boot bars, but for those who want a simple plug-and-play solution, the external device is even better. If you are not in motion and need more storage space, keep in mind that a 4TB hard drive will cost less than 480GB SSD.

It said, HyperX Savage XO game is fast and convenient for consoles and for everyday use but you will be very happy with the Samsung SSD T5 or any other easily available USB SSD.

In fact, Samsung's alternative delivers high performance scores and is somewhat portable. It gives you a few nice additions as hardware encryption and many more effective partner software.

The HyperX Sounds Exo does not seem to be widely available and official MRPs are too high for two power options, even SSD standards. If the road prices in the future are low, it could be a good shopping.

 HyperX Savage Exo

Price (MRP):

480GB: Rs. 15.999

960 GB: Rs. 30.599


• Good performance

• Very low weight

• Includes USB type and type-c cables


• Large body

• Vulnerable designed software

• No hardware encryption

Rating (5 out)

• Performance: 4

• Value for money: 2.5

Overall: 3.5

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